Blue Project

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Do we know the effect of what we’re doing?

The Beginning

Parenting is one of the best gifts in life. Imagine you are empowered to have a child and given the opportunity to name your child.  The experience is uplifting and definitely a defining moment in ones’ life.

The joy of parenting is also accompanied by uncertainty, especially for first-time parents, because the baby did not come with a how-to manual that can provide you with instructions on caring for your child.   Attending classes and participating in activities for expectant parents are helpful; however nothing can replace knowledge and experience.

Generally speaking, parents want the best for their children.   They want their children to have a better life, so they do their best and everything in their capabilities to avoid having their children go through what they went through.  Some parents never finished college or were not given the opportunity to go to college.  At times some of them were never given a chance to attend high school.   This is true for my father who finished 6th grade in China. Because of their life experience, they understand that education is very important; hence the emphasis in getting a college education is a very important focus.

Sacrifice is a common word used by parents.  They will save money to send their children to the school they believe will give their children the opportunity to be successful.   They don’t spend on themselves; this includes clothing, food, trips and relaxation.   Their lives revolve around doing their best to be able to provide for their children.   That single focus on education consumes many parents.

Is it unfair for parents to expect more from their children?    Are their sacrifices worth it?  This is the start of the project called Blue Project.   The objective of blue project is to share knowledge and experience to help improve the current situation.  Mental health issue is often frowned upon, our goal is to help enlighten and help save lives.