Client Feedback

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Client Feedback

May 20, 2015

I confidently and comfortably recommend Will Lukang as a Leadership coach to anyone who is looking to improve themselves or their organization.   As a business owner and team leader to all of my employees, I was caught in a “rut” & struggled to see the proverbial “forest through the trees”.  Will diligently took the time to learn about me, my business, my team and my struggles prior to implementing plans and techniques to improve my ability to manage my business and increase production.  My team and I are all motivated towards better results and are more conscious of utilizing our strengths, while working to improve on our weaknesses.
Will is very detailed, knowledgeable and focused on the goals and performance you are looking for.  He’s a pleasure to learn from in addition to being a good human being.

Ed K.

February 21, 2015

Will is a phenomenal coach with the ability to connect with people and build strong trust relationships. This program is structured and clearly requires you to bring an open mind and commitment to the table. When I first started, my biggest roadblock was the many conflicting priorities in my professional and personal life that I was constantly juggling – they were holding me back. Through our conversations, the program helped me articulate my aspiration, evaluate my strengths and priorities and create a time bound plan to get to my goal.  The prioritization techniques that I learned helped me find balance and satisfaction in not just my professional life, but has also enriched me personally. Will is certainly a ‘coach’ – so don’t expect him to be a cheerleader with pom-poms all the time. The feedback can be tough sometimes – he ensures that you take ownership of your journey and this provides you the ability to run on auto-pilot when the program is completed. The program has truly helped me embrace my leadership style and cut through the clutter and noise in order to move forward. 


October 9, 2014

21 Irrefutable Leadership Program is really good for everyone.   It doesn’t matter if you are an employee an aspiring manager or a manager.

The way Will gives presentation is amazing, he makes you understand each law with simple words and a short story behind it.

It gives a very nice touch. I would recommend this to everyone.