Being Positive


Each morning when I would kiss my two daughters good bye, at the same time I would say be positive, do your best and I love you.   On numerous occasions, they would come downstairs arguing about something. I would take those opportunities to explain to them that it is important to start your day right by being positive. There is no point in arguing, thereby ruining your day.

Why do I encourage them to be positive?   I do so because I believe that if you have a positive frame of mind, you can think through a situation and come up with better solutions.   In addition, your interaction with other people will be pleasant and rewarding in terms of knowledge exchange.   Here are some of the reasons why it is important to be positive:

  • Being positive helps you make good and informative decisions because your brain is not clouded with negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Avoid situations in which you have to apologize for something you say while you were upset.   Remember that when you say hurtful things to others, it is like driving a nail through the wood, you can always pull out the nail by saying I’m sorry, but the scar will stay forever.
  • If you’re having a bad day, people who come your way do not deserve to be mistreated.
  • By focusing on the positive side of the equation, you can keep things in perspective.
  • By being positive, you can attract people who want to interact and work with you.   It can also improve your overall performance over time because people want to be around you.
  • When things go wrong, applying negative thought will not really improve your situation. Assess your situation and step back and figure out your way forward.
  • Opportunities can only be seen by those who are ready for them. If you’re upset, you’ll never see good in others, thereby missing the opportunity to connect with others.

While I’m saying positivity is important, I know that I’m human, that I will have good and bad days.   But my point is I try my best to take control of my emotion and actions to the best of my abilities.  I’m a realist, but I learn a lot through my mistakes. I also learned that I can only make matters worse by acting inappropriately. Therefore it is important for me to make the right decision amid challenges unfolding in front of me.

Writing is a labor of love, if you like my post share it with your friends. If you don’t agree, let me know your thoughts. I always look forward to learn new things or gain new knowledge.   Thank you for your time.



I’ve been asked many times how I thrive with less sleep. My answer often is that it is not that I’m okay with less sleep, but rather the things that I spend my time on are related to my life passion, therefore it is not a chore for me.   In fact, in most cases, it does energize me and inspire me to put in the time. An example is writing blogs.

So what exactly are my interests? Here are my interests:

  1. For years I have developed a love for people. They are people who work and interact with me either directly or through matrix organization. At times, they are my work acquaintances.   I believe that people are our most important asset and that caring for them helps the organization achieve its goal.
  2. Mentoring – helping people understand the lay of the land and navigate the corporate landscape.   Enabling others to fit right in and achieve success early on in their tenure at the firm. Imparting knowledge to enable others to grow and develop.
  3. Coaching – for more experience folks, coaching is the key to their growth and development.   Coaching is used to improve awareness, set goals and improve performance.  It also helps others think through issues and figure out the way forward.
  4. Teaching – over the last six years, I developed the love for teaching. From Agile to leadership development, I realized that I love helping others grow and develop. My John Maxwell certification fueled my love to help others develop their leadership capabilities through John’s teaching.

My love for developing talent stems from the fact that I believe that if we develop our people, we can help them achieve their goal, thereby increasing our firm’s overall capabilities.   It is important for us to realize that collectively we can make things better.   By ourselves we can effect change, by our collective wisdom we can do more and move the needle in the right direction.

Writing is a labor of love. If you like my post, please share it. If you disagree with my viewpoint, share me your thoughts.

“ME” and “WE”


The age of Internet advancement brought about the expectation of having everything you want on the same day or, at the latest, next day.   This is coupled with marketing campaigns by companies that focus on you being at the center of their attention.   This creates the “ME” syndrome.

The “ME” focus does not become an issue until the new generation reaches the workforce, or what I called the real world.   In the real world, we work on projects that require us to collaborate to get things done. At this point the focus shifts from “ME” to “WE”.  They often struggle to understand that the need to address the need of the collective “WE” is at times more important that their personal desire.

As a parent it is important to strike a balance in teaching our children that the world doesn’t revolve around them.   Letting them know that they cannot have everything they want is equally important.   Sometimes people think that experiencing rejection is not a good thing. I’m of the opinion that giving our children a false sense of getting everything they want would be a disservice to them. The reality in life is that you don’t always get what you want. In fact, you might not get what you want at all. In that case how will your children cope with that situation when they face it in real world? It is better to get them ready than that they be naïve and believe that the world is their oyster.

It is important that we assist our children in understanding the expectation of things to come.   Doing so will prepare them for what to expect when they step into the real world.   Team play is key to their success.   By learning that early on they will increase their chance to succeed.