I’ll start my post with John Maxwell’s quote, “The best you can hope to do in life is to make the most out of whatever you’ve been given.”     This is part of the law of intentionality.   It means that in order for you to make progress, you must be able to work with what you’re provided.

Over the past seven years, as I embarked on the journey on my passion for talent and leadership development, I started to blog, share my inspirational quotes through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. My aim was to inspire others to believe in themselves and bet on themselves to succeed.   And at the same time to stop listening to those who tell them it cannot be done.   When we don’t value ourselves, no one will.   No one will raise value unless we do it ourselves.

As I touch on the topic of chasing your dream, it is worth nothing that your dream must be realistic.   I excchanged messages with someone I respect on this topic that we cannot just tell everyone to chase your dream.  That if someone worked hard and never gave up, they would achieve their dream.   What if your dream is not realistic? What if the person doesn’t have skills and experience to ever achieve it? That would mean we are giving false hope.

Here are some of the points I want to highlight:

  1. To dream is great because it inspires you to pursue something, but make sure it is realistic. That it is attainable.
  2. Create a plan – create a plan on how you will achieve your goal. Make sure to track your progress throughout the year and continue to adjust your plan.
  3. Create a training plan – a training plan is needed to move you from point A to B. You need to gain new knowledge and skills to get to the next level.
  4. Bet on yourself – if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.   Be confident of your talent and capabilities
  5. Seek a mentor – if you’re trying to learn something or the ropes on how things are done, seek a mentor.
  6. Seek a coach – if you’re experienced and seek to move up to the next level, seek a coach.
  7. Be positive – be realistic but be positive and focus on the lesson learned from mistakes and move forward. Avoid people who aim to bring you down.

In closing, I want to encourage everyone to aspire and dream. Bet on yourselves and keep at it.   As long as you’re making progress, you need to continue your journey.   I will urge everyone not to give up at the first sign of defeat and to keep at it until they get the job done.



I’ve been asked many times how I thrive with less sleep. My answer often is that it is not that I’m okay with less sleep, but rather the things that I spend my time on are related to my life passion, therefore it is not a chore for me.   In fact, in most cases, it does energize me and inspire me to put in the time. An example is writing blogs.

So what exactly are my interests? Here are my interests:

  1. For years I have developed a love for people. They are people who work and interact with me either directly or through matrix organization. At times, they are my work acquaintances.   I believe that people are our most important asset and that caring for them helps the organization achieve its goal.
  2. Mentoring – helping people understand the lay of the land and navigate the corporate landscape.   Enabling others to fit right in and achieve success early on in their tenure at the firm. Imparting knowledge to enable others to grow and develop.
  3. Coaching – for more experience folks, coaching is the key to their growth and development.   Coaching is used to improve awareness, set goals and improve performance.  It also helps others think through issues and figure out the way forward.
  4. Teaching – over the last six years, I developed the love for teaching. From Agile to leadership development, I realized that I love helping others grow and develop. My John Maxwell certification fueled my love to help others develop their leadership capabilities through John’s teaching.

My love for developing talent stems from the fact that I believe that if we develop our people, we can help them achieve their goal, thereby increasing our firm’s overall capabilities.   It is important for us to realize that collectively we can make things better.   By ourselves we can effect change, by our collective wisdom we can do more and move the needle in the right direction.

Writing is a labor of love. If you like my post, please share it. If you disagree with my viewpoint, share me your thoughts.