2013 Year in Review


Year In Review

Change is the big word for 2013.   It is about the only thing that was constant throughout the year.   As I reflect on what transpired during the year, I break it down in three areas:  Work, Personal and Personal interest.

At work, 2013 was a year of changes that challenged my ability to cope and keep abreast of the changes.   From team composition changes to new partnership ventures to changes in technology then moving on to another technology when the prior adoption has not been completed.   On the flip side, I welcome the opportunity to be a part of Human Capital Group committee, which aimed to deal with tough issues like employee engagement and improving communications between management and its constituents.   I learned a lot by staying put and dealing with the challenges.  It stretched and helped me grow and develop.   The growth and development came with a huge price in terms of stress, but I was able to lead by example and be there for my team.  I ensure that I recognize them and let senior management know their accomplishments.   I continue to mentor my mentees and led the Stevens campus recruiting as Team Captain for UBS.  This is the third year in a row in which we hired at least 9 GTPs from said school.  I take pride in the work and process we put in place to enable us to recruit the best talent to join our firm.

From a personal perspective, I cherish the memories created of the great run we had as St. Elizabeth 4th Grade basketball team and eventually winning the championship.     I had the opportunity to bond with my daughter and work with a great group of players.   I instilled principles of teamwork, sportsmanship and respecting others.  At the same time, I taught them never to give up.   We had numerous come-from-behind wins by staying in the moment and chipping at the lead that our opponents had.     During the golf season, Faith participated in US Kids Golf.  She participated in three tournaments and I caddied for her.  Each tournament she improved and showed patience and poise in handling pressure.  I truly enjoy being out there with her.    Maddy’s soccer season was also great to watch the team finished in the middle of pack.   Maddy had her great moments, especially her winning goal at the Columbus Day weekend tournament.  In November, Faith made the TGA B team and played three other clubs to win first place overall.    Take a step back for a moment, winner of a basketball championship and then a golf team champion, that is an awesome year that will be hard to replicate.    In March, both Maddy and Faith received their piano excellence trophies.   Maddy had three years of superior rating, while Faith had six years of superior rating, her second trophy.   Faith also had her trophy for her duet.   Outside of sports and other activities, we spent a lot of time together playing card games, goofing and horsing around and getting to know one another.  It has been an awesome year in this area.

With regards to my pursuit of my personal interest, I found my passion for teaching leadership to others.   Since joining the John Maxwell Team to secure my certification, I led three mastermind groups and I enjoyed each of them.  The highlight of the year was attending the John Maxwell Live event.  Being taught by John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic and Les Brown is the most amazing experience.   Learning from the best and being in the same room, you can feel the energy and their passion.   I also met some great people that I belong to as an international accountability partner.    I made some great progress and then I fell off the horse as work took up more of my time.    In 2014, I commit to get back in the saddle and pursue my dream of being part of the John Maxwell Team by focusing on learning the lessons that will enable me to be effective as an instructor.

In spite of all the challenges and adversity, I learned a lot about myself and my ability to cope and handle stress.   I believe that Will of 2013 is better than Will of 2012. With that said, I’m really glad with my progress.    But more importantly I’m proud of playing an active role in my daughters’ lives, which in my mind is the most important thing in life.   In life, we only pass through this road once. I’m making sure I do my best and be in the moment and make it happen.    I look forward to 2014 with much enthusiasm and excitement that it will be better than 2013.

Don’t stop believing

Will Lukang, CLDC, CSM, PMP

Growing up I lack the self confidence needed to succeed.  As a middle child, I was often compared to my siblings in term of academic accomplishment.  Unfortunately for me, I did not do well enough to earn any honors like my siblings.   I have to say that I was really proud of my siblings’ accomplishments.   They deserve every accolade and they certainly did great.

As years passed, the frequent comparison and discussions about my inability to perform academically started to affect me.  Even my family friends knew about my situation because my parents talked to them about it.   It is not like I failed to make the grade. Each year I did well enough to move to the next grade.    Truth be told, I did study as hard as I could, but the results did not match the effort.

During my junior year in high school, I met a teacher who believed in me.  She guided me and gave me the opportunity to explore and excel.   Each good test score help me feel good about myself and enabled me to trust that I could do it.  But it still took a lot of work and the difference was I believed that I could do it.   It was the turning point of my life.   She provided me the opportunity and gave me more responsibility to showcase that I could get it done.    As @TeresaAmabile (Is that right?) and Steven Kramer’s book titled The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work states, continuous progress is the key to improving and creating a good inner work life.  Each small win helps build confidence that enabled me to tackle the next challenge and build on top of the positive feeling that I had in accomplishing the prior goal.   

It takes a person to walk into our life and give us that hope to push the envelope and dust off ourselves and get back in the saddle and continue to pursue our dream.   It is the very reason I blog, mentor and coach others, because I want to pay it forward.

Looking back had I given up, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything.   Persistence and consistency are the keys to our success.   By seeing incremental progress, we can develop confidence that prepares us to take on more challenge; it helps us prepare for the next opportunity.   However, someone can walk into our life and trust and provide us with opportunity, but it all starts with believing in yourself and keep on believing that you can get it done.      So I suggest that you don’t stop believing and keep on fighting until you achieve your goal.   I’ll end my post by leaving you with music: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing.