Bond shown by leaders

By Will Lukang, PMP, CSM, CLDC

I often wonder how does a group of people, most of whom have not had a chance of meeting one another, find a common goal and set out to educate others of the value of character based leadership?

I’ve always thought of sharing my knowledge in leadership development, coaching and mentoring.  In 2009 I was looking for the best way of sharing and collaborating with others outside the confines of face-to-face meetings.   My exploration brought me to try blogging and Twitter.

Back then I expected to use Twitter to share my knowledge.   But as soon as I used Twitter and followed people that shared the common interest in leadership, I met a lot of people who shared character-based leadership.   Through Mike Henry’s leadership, he formed the lead change group.   In March of this year, I joined the group and officially contributed as contributing author.   The objective of the group is to teach people the principle of character-based leadership.

From Tweeting to collaborating on a book project, the lead change group embarked on a book project, which I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of.  We have since completed the copy editing and the graphic and marketing team is working on the book.

The last 13 months has been great as my blog has been generating a lot of traffic.   This, coupled with my contribution to the lead change group has provided me with a great opportunity to reach a larger audience.    Some of my plans next year are to try video blogging and co-hosting a web show with a friend.

Going back to the subject of bond shown by leaders, recently one of our peers at lead change had an unfortunate situation of losing her fiancée.   The person had a financial challenge and one of the members of the group sent out an email to ask the group for help.  In minutes, multiple email exchanges and members were figuring out ways to help and send the person financial help.    I was surprise by the compassion that the group showed toward our fellow.   I recently reach out to her to find out how she is doing, but I’ll forever remember the bond that our group has and the demonstration of support for one another.

In closing, I’m thankful that I took the chance of using Twitter and blogging.   My hope is that if one person in this world learns a thing from me, then I’ve done my job in spreading my knowledge and experience.


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