M”O”nday has an “O” for Opportunity

Will Lukang, PMP, CSM, CLDC

Why do people dread Mondays? What’s with Mondays that make us anxious about it? Why do we dislike Mondays?  Is it because it’s a start of a new week and people dread going to work? Or children do not look forward to going to school?   In my opinion Monday is treated like the foster child of the days of the week.   It feels neglected and unwanted to say the least.

From my perspective, Monday is great day because it is the start of the week.   In golf terms, it is teeing the week off.     It opens the door of the week that can lead to endless possibilities.     Akin to a door that opens and lets us in, Monday is the beginning.

What is the best way to usher in Monday?

  • The “O” in Monday represents the opportunity.    We need to make the most of every opportunity presented to us.     Sometimes opportunity only knocks once; if we miss it we’ll never know when it will present itself again.
  • Try to be positive – by being positive, we can see things differently that can help us get through the day.
  • Be in the moment – by stressing or worrying too much, you’ll fail to enjoy the day.
  • It is like a fork in a road – Monday is like the fork in the road that reminds us that we have a choice to be happy and make the most of the day.    Always remember that you have the choice.
  • Monday like any other day is consists of 24 hours.    With all being equal, it could be treated as any day.  The biggest difference is you had the weekend to get you ready for it, therefore you‘re well rested.  Embrace the day and start the week right.  You never know what to expect.


Truth be told, Monday is just another day.   We are the ones who interpret things and come up with assumptions for each day.   I would suggest to just go with the flow.   Learn to smell the roses and enjoy the gift of a brand new day.    I guarantee you that you’ll get the most out of it.


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