Will Lukang, CLDC, CSM, PMP, MASCL

Let us help make things happen for Nico

In December 2009, I embarked on blogging with the purpose of sharing my knowledge and experience, hence the name inspiring others to act.  I did it because I believe that if I can only help one person, I will have done my job already.

In the last few years, I connected with people who read my blog and thanked me for sharing my knowledge and experience and encouraged me to continue.   There were also requests for blog topics along the way.    On numerous occasions, I ran into some folks who mentioned that they followed my blog.  Honestly, I did not know how to react to the complement, but I thanked them for following and suggested that they share it with their friends.

It is my opinion awareness is the key to uncovering the unknown, thereby shedding some light and educating us.   At which point we’ll have to decide what we do with the new-found knowledge.    With that said, at our recent Cornerstone meeting, my friend Kevin shared that his friend’s son has a rare eye cancer.   My heart sank upon hearing the story.   The boy’s name is Nico Santoli and he is 22 months old.  He was diagnosed with unilateral retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer of the eye.    For more information about retinoblastoma, please visit National Library of Medicine.  For more information about Nico, please visit For Nico.

Why am I blogging about this?  I’m doing this to accomplish two key goals.  First, raise awareness and perhaps help others uncover and save a young child’s life.  Secondly, help raise funds to pay for Nico’s medical bills.  To make donation, please see information below.

992 Oradell Ave Oradell NJ 07649
or  buy some toys and 20% of the purchases from this page go to my sons cancer support http://www.discoverytoys.com/ForNico

I promised Kevin that I’ll use the power of social media to help Nico and other children live their life to the fullest.   Together we can make it happen.   It takes a community to come together to make things happen.  I hope you’ll help me spread the word.  I urge you to share or contribute.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Prince Amukamara supporting For Nico
Chase Blackburn supporting For Nico
Bear Pascoe and Corey Webster supporting For Nico