Seize the Day

By Will Lukang, CLDC, PMP, CSM, MASCL


As I drive home tonight after a long day at work, I can’t help but think about the things that transpired at work and all the things that are left to be taken care of tomorrow.   In addition, numerous releases that need to happen in the weeks to come.   I find myself trying to figure out any possible issues and gaps that we could possibly miss.

As I get closer to my house, I can’t wait to see my family and hear the stories on how their day has gone.   It dawns on me that I need to unplug myself from work and focus on the task at hand, which is to be there for my family.   I’m often reminded that I only have one (1) chance to make an impression, connect and bond.  If I miss this opportunity, I will never be able to take back the time.  There is no rewind and replay in life; it is a one way ticket and there is no looking back.   In some respects, there is no point to regretting you missed the opportunity, but rather you need to try your best to make up, or re-establish the connection.

I wrote this blog because I want to help others to realize that this opportunity is for them to seize or let go.   From my perspective, here is what I’ve been working on:

  • Listen to your children – pay attention and ask questions to let them know that you’re there for them and what they say is important.
  • Let them know that they matter – by showing you love them in words and action.  Not by giving them a false sense of love through monetary means.
  • Lead by example – we need to walk the talk (do what you say you would do) and be a role model for them.  They need someone to help them learn right from wrong and understand the importance of integrity and community.  This includes being true to your words.  Sometimes it is difficult, but making an effort can make it happen.
  • Teach them that life is not fair – Don’t shelter them, and let them learn that they cannot have everything they want.  Sometimes you can’t have what you want, because you don’t have the means to afford it.
  • Outcome often depends on your effort – If you work hard you can be successful, although it is not guaranteed.  But you’ll get what you invest in and reward can only be expected if you put in the effort into getting it done.
  • Allowing them freedom – in choice by making some decisions that you believe they are able to make, and let them try or explore things in life within your guidance.   Try new sports or school activities to learn more about themselves.
  • Teach them to love mankind – by caring for others and people who are in need.  Have compassion for others and try their best to help the best they can.
  • Believe in them – give them the confidence by believing in them and helping them grow and develop to be people who use their values and morals to lead their lives.

In the end, my belief is that you’ll get what you put in.   On most days, it is hard to juggle multiple balls everyday but when I get home I’m trying to disconnect and unplug to listen to my little one read me a poem or a book or talking about that happen during the days and ask questions that elicit interaction.    Carpe Diem is what it is all about.   I hope you’re take away from reading my post is to spend more time with your family or love ones.  Let them know you care about them.   Feel free to share your thoughts.


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