Neglected Fish

Will Lukang, PMP, SCM, MBA, MASCL











Sometimes we can take things for granted because something is always there for us whenever we need it.   Such would be like an oven that turned on whenever we need to bake or cook something, or a pet fish that is always there to entertain us when we feel like giving it attention, or people who are always there for us to back us up and help us get things done.   Either way they are neglected in many ways.




Just like a pet fish that does not need to be walked or petted, there is a tendency to neglect it and go about our life.  However, when we remember that it is around, we might spend a few minutes interacting with it, feed it, then off we go again.    So, what’s my point for writing this post?   As we get too busy with work and get preoccupied a lot of things, we might take the following for granted:


  • Family and children – our family will always be there for us, but your children will not be young forever. If you don’t take the opportunity to connect with them, you’ll miss the opportunity.  You only have ONE opportunity to make a difference.  Do it now and take the time to connect.
  • Friends – these are the people who are there for us through thick or thin and have been there for us, from being the sounding board or a shoulder to cry on.  We need to make sure we set aside time to reconnect with them and let them know that we have not forgotten them.
  • Network – these are people whom we might have worked with or were introduced to us in the past.  We need to let them know what we are thinking of them and set aside time to meet and interact with them.    You need to ping them and let them know that you are thinking of them and not only reach out to them when you need them.
  • Mentors and coaches – to a certain extent you owe your success to these people, so let them know that you appreciate their help and always remember it.   It is important that you remember where you come from because the experiences you learned will serve as guides for your future decisions.
  • Top performers at work – when things are getting taken care of, it does not mean you’re really good at getting things done, but rather that you have an efficient crew that stands by you and gets things done.  You need to let them know you appreciate them and value them before they leave to seek opportunities elsewhere.  Spend the time with them and recognize them.




Don’t treat the people you care about like fish; just like fish they will not last forever.  If you neglect it, it might be too late.    Always make time to let them know you care about them.   Make it a priority to take care of the most important thing first.



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