Sharing the stage with others (Are you ready?)

Will Lukang, MBA, PMP, MASCL, CSM

A year and half ago, I venture into the world of blogging hoping to wet my toes and see what it is like to share my knowledge and experience.     It took me over six months to muster the courage to jump into blogging.    I blog because I want to share what I know with others, hoping that if there is only one person out there that can benefit from my knowledge and experience, I will have accomplished my goal.


Each post provided me a sense of satisfaction that someone out there will read and learn from it and avoid learning things the hard way.   I enjoyed the comments posted and e-mails thanking me and suggesting possible future post topics.


Sometimes I have my ducks in a row and I know what to write for the month, but there are times I experience writers’ block and am unable to generate a post for weeks.    It frustrates me that I’m unable to connect with people who read my post.     I have the idea, but I was not able to put things together.  Other times I’m just too busy at work that left me little time to invest in writing my post.


One day I was on a conference call with my fellow leadership coach and we were talking about sharing our knowledge and expertise. During that discussion I had a eureka moment that I can offer a guest blogger who can blog on topics that I’m not familiar with. This way I can expand the material on site.  My first guest blogger will feature another leadership coach.  I’ll run his blog at the end of the month.


My hope is that, by adding guest bloggers to my blog, I can offer a better experience to the people who read my blog and provide them with an opportunity to learn new things.    For those who reach out to me or post comments, thank you for connecting with me.  I really appreciate it.   Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.  I welcome the interaction and look forward to hearing from you.


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